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You can get an XML RSS feed of your published flyers at:
You can also add this feed automatically to one of your favorite sites using the links below:

What is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML based format for distributing and syndicating content from sources across the Web. Subscribing to an RSS Feeds allows you to receive custom, up to date information from your favorite online content sources without having to regularly check the site for updates.

How do I use RSS Feeds?
There are numerous news readers that will aggregate RSS feeds for you into a custom page with exactly the information you want or need. These include web-based news aggregators as well as standalone sofrware applications, both free and commercial, available for most platforms.

vFlyer RSS Feeds
vFlyer offer RSS feeds so that our users can embed lists of flyers into their personal blogs or home pages, or watch listings on their news aggregator. Look for RSS symbol at the bottom of certain listings pages:

Terms of Use
vFlyer RSS feeds are provided free of charge for your personal individual use only, and are not available for commercial use without first obtaining permission from vFlyer. Please consult our Terms of Use for more information on using vFlyer RSS feeds.