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Flyer Management
Create and manage attractive virtual flyers that can be automatically or manually submitted into leading online marketplaces!

  • Post in 40+ Product Categories
    Create flyers in over 40 product categories that span real estate, vehicles, merchandise, services, events, employment, organizations and personals.
  • Gallery Views
    View flyers as a comprehensive list including thumbnail and summary information.
  • Batch Commands that Save Time
    Save time by deleting, cloning or publishing flyers in batches.
  • RSS Syndication
    Access flyers as an XML-based RSS Feed.

Flyer Creation
Quickly and easily enter information on the item you are selling or renting with minimum hassle. Each form is specific to your product category and is easily customizeable.

  • Built-in Spelling Checker
    Create error-free item descriptions using this feature which detects spelling mistakes and suggests corrections.
  • Custom Fields and Attributes
    Create custom fields and attributes to make your flyer more informative. The system conveniently remembers previously created custom fields each time you create a new flyer.
  • Advanced Contact Settings
    Display your photo, company logo or association logo on your flyers.
  • Standard and Custom Templates
    Choose from built-in professional look-and-feel templates or create and save your own custom templates.
  • Upload as many as 25 Photos
    Upload as many as twenty-five (25) high resolution photographs for each flyer.
  • Expiration Management
    Set an expiration date and have it enforced in both automatic and manually submitted flyers.
  • Layout Optimization
    The layout of a flyer is optimized based on the amount of content entered, ensuring that flyers look at good as they possibly can.
  • External Links
    Add as many external links as you want to your flyer.

Flyer Preview
Preview mode shows you how the flyer will look if published at that point in time. You can easily preview the flyer using any of the standard or custom design themes

  • WYSWYG Preview Option
    Preview flyer templates and information at any time. Dynamically change look-and-feel templates directly from preview mode.
  • WYSWYG Custom Template Designer
    Design and preview custom templates in real-time using the template designer.

Flyer Posting and Output
Automatically submit your flyer to leading classified ad marketplaces such as Google Base, Backpage (Business Subscribers only), Oodle,, Trulia, PropSmart and others! Cut and Paste ready to use HTML into Craigslist and eBay. Generate PDF files you can email or print.

  • Automatic Submission
    Submit flyers automatically to all the major online marketplaces you select including sites like Google Base, Backpage (Business Subscribers only), LiveDeal, Oodle,, Trulia, PropSmart, and more.
  • Manual Submission
    Copy and paste HTML versions of the flyer into Craigslist, LiveDeal, eBay, blogs and any other website that supports HTML content.
  • Craigslist HTML Version
    HTML version of the flyer specifically designed for use on Craigslist.
  • PDF Version
    Automatically generate an Adobe PDF version of your flyer that can be downloaded, emailed or even printed to create hard copies you can hand out to prospects.
  • Unique Landing Page
    Each flyer has a unique landing page with its own unique URL hosted by vFlyer.

Email Distribution
Send customers and prospects email or PDF versions of your flyer. Import contacts from popular email services and products.

  • Email Flyers
    Use this feature to email flyers to customers and prospects. You can also include a personal message with your email.
  • Flexible Email Options
    Email the entire flyer, a link to it or send a PDF version of it.

Activity Reporting and Analysis
View and analyze traffic to you flyer. View traffic summary and source to understand how well your flyer is doing.

  • Activity Summary
    View overall traffic to your flyer broken down by views and visits over a selected date range.
  • Activity by Source
    View traffic based on its source to determine how well your flyer is working in each marketplace.

Manage your Account Profile and Settings
Conveniently manage your account. Upload personal and company logos, include additional information on your company, manage your reputation and customize your gallery settings.

  • Customizeable Flyer Gallery
    Visitors to your flyer can view other items you have for sale or rent in your flyer gallery. Your gallery can include your photo, company logo and additional company information. Business users can customize the look-and-feel of their flyer gallery.
  • Photo and Logo Support
    Upload your personal photo or company logo for inclusion in your flyer or flyer gallery.
  • Reputation Support
    Include your reputation information on your flyers using the RapLeaf service.

Flyer Landing Page
Each flyer is a stand-alone landing page, complete with a contact reply form, map, and access to your other flyers.

  • Enhanced Profile Information
    Feature your photograph, company logo and industry memberships.
  • Thumbnail Previews
    Viewers can a preview when they mouse-over your thumbnails.
  • Photo Gallery and Slideshow
    Viewers can choose to view pictures through the gallery or as a dynamic slideshow
  • Contact Reply Form
    You can choose to have visitors contact you using our contact replay form and/or you can include detailed contact information.
  • Unique URL
    Each flyer has a unique URL associated with it which you can email or use when placing keyword ads on Google or Yahoo.