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Reseller FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a reseller?   top

Resellers are marketing partners that create and sometimes manage vMarketing and vSites products for their clients. vFlyer offers resellers a discounted rate on our products, so they can then sell the service to their clients for a profit. Resellers typically build their own client base, and they can dictate how much interaction their clients have with the vFlyer platform.

What is the difference between the Affiliate Program and the Reseller Program?   top

The Affiliate Program is designed for people who want to earn money for promoting vFlyer on their personal website or blog. Affiliates promote vFlyer banners on their blogs and websites, and we pay them a percentage of any sales they refer to us. Affiliates do not create content for their clients, it is strictly a referral program. (For more info click here). The Reseller Program is designed for people who want to create or design content for their own clients. For example, a Reseller will use our platform to create a website for one of their own personal clients. The Reseller will then sell the website to their client, and pay us for the cost of using our platform. Resellers and Reseller Clients will have access to our support team as needed.

How does the Reseller program work?   top

As a Reseller you will recruit and manage your own clients. You can then create content for them using our vMarketing or vSites platforms, and charge them full retail price for the work you’ve done. If the Reseller Clients pay you directly, we will give you a 30% discount on the retail price, making it profitable for you. If the Reseller Clients pay us directly, we will pay you a 30% commission on the subscription for up to 1 year. You will have access to our stellar support team, as well as a personal account manager. It's a win-win!

Who can be a Reseller?   top

The Reseller Program is most appropriate for webmasters, graphic designers, and online consultants. Not one of these? Check out our Affiliate Program

What vFlyer services can Resellers promote?   top

vMarketing and vSites subscriptions. Discounts will be given on any vMarketing or vSites subscriptions (monthly or annual). We will also discount bundled packages of the two services. Domain names can be promoted, but commissions or discounts will not be applied.

Can your services be integrated?   top

Yup! We make it really easy to integrate flyers from the vMarketing platform into a vSite. vSites has a special component that pulls in the listings from vMarketing.

I'm thinking about becoming a Reseller, but I want to try the product first. Can I purchase the product at a discounted price for personal use?   top

No. We offer free trials of both of our services to make it as simple as possible for resellers to get familiar with our products.

How much does it cost to join the Reseller Program?   top

Nothing. After a Reseller has 3 clients subscribed to a vFlyer service (not including domain name subscriptions) the Reseller will earn 30% in discounts or commissions on every subsequent client.

What counts as a subscribed client?   top

A client that has paid (either the Reseller or vFlyer) for the services provided and is on a monthly or annual subscription.

What are the differences between your packages?   top

Good question. We offer lots of different package options, as well as bundled packages. Please review the pricing page in order to fully understand all of the subscription options.

Do you offer white label options?   top


I've never been a reseller before. Do you offer any training or tips on how to make the most out of the Reseller Program?   top

We sure do! We will host training webinars for current and potential resellers. Check your dashboard for webinar dates.

How do I sign up?   top

Call (224) 263-0905 x1, or e-mail Please include your name, phone number, and a description of your business structure, as well as any other information you deem relevant.

I'm interested in becoming a Reseller, but I’m already a vFlyer client with a different subscription package. How does that work?   top

That’s not a problem. You can set up a separate vFlyer account specifically for reselling, or use your personal account as your Reseller account.

Reseller-Client Relationship

How will payment be facilitated between the Reseller, the Reseller Client and vFlyer?   top

There are multiple options, giving Resellers the ability to decide their own terms of payment. Discounts and commission payouts apply after 3 Reseller Clients have subscribed.

  1. The Reseller will purchase all subscriptions (at a 30% discount) directly through vFlyer, and the Reseller Client will pay the Reseller directly for all work done. This option will be used when a Reseller will continue managing the Clients’ content after creating it.
  2. The Reseller will create the site, and the client will purchase the site directly through vFlyer at the retail price. The Reseller will then receive 30% commission of the subscription price for up to 12 months. This option will be used when a client chooses to manage their own content after the Reseller has created it.

My clients want me to create the initial content for them, but they would like to manage it on their own after I’m done. How will that work?   top

In that case the Reseller will create the content for them, and we will then grant the client sub-account access so they can login to their own account and manage their content. In this case the client will pay vFlyer directly, and we will pay the Reseller a 30% commission on the subscription package for up to 12 months.

Why do I only get 12 months of commission if my client pays you directly?   top

We will pay a Reseller a full year of commission for creating the initial content for a client and referring them to us. If the Reseller is no longer involved with the client’s account, we will not continue paying them commission after 12 months.

What if I purchase the subscription from you and then my client refuses to pay me?   top

vFlyer is not responsible for any interactions between Resellers and their clients. We highly recommend obtaining written contracts from all clients.

What if my client decides to stop using vFlyer products? How is that handled?   top

Once a client cancels, we will cancel the subscription at the end of their billing cycle, and the sub-account will be removed from the Reseller’s account. If the Reseller was earning a commission on the subscription and the client canceled before the 12 month mark, we will stop paying commission to the Reseller.

Do your subscriptions automatically renew?   top

Yes. We will send out renewal notifications to all of our annual clients.

Reseller Benefits

How much is the discount or commission?   top

We offer Resellers 30% commission on a monthly or annual subscription (for up to 12 months) when the Reseller Client pays vFlyer directly. We offer Resellers 30% discounts on monthly or annual subscriptions when a Reseller is billing the Reseller Client directly.

I have a lot of clients interested. How will I manage multiple clients through your platform?   top

Resellers will have the ability to create client specific accounts that we refer to as sub-accounts. This will allow the reseller to have their own account, with their own username and password, that will be a master account that has access to all sub-accounts within that account. Reseller Clients will be given sub-account access to their specific site, which will include their own log-in info, and will only grant them access to the site as specified by the reseller.

I have a graphic designer/assistant/partner that will be helping me create the content for my clients. How can they access the accounts?   top

Resellers can also have assistants to their accounts. An assistant is someone who will have their own login information, and will be granted access to all of the sites within the master account. An example of this would be if a reseller has a graphic designer that they want to be able to go into their account and tweak different sites as needed. We would then grant that designer access to all account sites, where they could log in and make changes.

Can I purchase domain names through vFlyer?   top

Yes. The reseller or the client will be able to purchase domain names directly through vFlyer, through DomainPlus (priced currently at $12.50/yr) or through another domain seller. This domain will be the clients to own, and can be taken with the client if they would like to point it towards something else. Commission isn’t paid on domain purchases.

What if I have questions while using the platform?   top

As a reseller you will have access to our stellar live phone support 6am-6pm PST Monday-Friday, as well as e-mail access (typical response is under 2 hours). We also have an extensive help center with video and step by step tutorials. We also provide free webinars weekly. You can sign up for them on your vFlyer Dashboard.

What if I have questions specific to the Reseller Program?   top

As a Reseller you will have your own personal Account Manager who will be your main point of contact for program questions.